The Clockhouse Butterfly Cafe

Every Friday 10:30am to 12:30pm excluding Bank Holidays

£4 to cover cost of refreshments

The Clockhouse Butterfly Café, which aims to give carers of people with a dementia a break and help reduce isolation for people with a dementia will open on Friday 10th October.

The Café will be safe, relaxing and in a dementia friendly environment. Attendees are dropped off by family members, caregivers or friends who can then go off and have a few hours quality time alone. We will speak to everyone regularly to find out the things they like (e.g music, games) and include these activities in cafe sessions. Feedback forms will be a big part of the club’s development:

We will take referrals from any over 65`s with a dementia. We will also signpost to local organisations that can help and any other services available in the local community.

We have developed links with Adapt Dementia who “provide a private service of informationtraining and support for anyone wanting to know more about dementia and how to adapt themselves and their environment to the challenges it brings.”.  Waverley Borough Council helped with a grant to set up the Butterfly café and are helping spread the word about the new Cafe.

The Clockhouse Butterfly Café will be open from the second Friday in October. We also have a dementia friendly library onsite. We’re really excited about our new Tovertafel (Magic table) which will enable people to interact and play together.

Volunteers/staff– get in touch

We really, really want volunteers. They don’t need special skills (although they will need to be DBS checked), the main thing is meeting people and interacting. We are also welcoming applications for a carer position. You do not have to have dementia training but would need to be caring and empathetic. Training will be provided. You will also be DBS checked.

  • Contact The Clockhouse:  01483 420668

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