Next Draw - December

Christmas baubles and stars in blue

The Clockhouse 100 Club

Christmas Draw

1st Prize of £100

Second & Third Prizes of £50 each

Shares cost £15 each per annum.   

There will be 4 prize draws each year – one each in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Every draw will have a £50 prize, plus two seasonal or additional cash prizes. 

At the same time, you will be helping the staff, volunteers and Trustees to continue running The Clockhouse.  Draws and results will be publicised at The Clockhouse and on this page of our website.

Don’t delay – apply today!

2020 Draw Results

2nd April

1st - 59, 2nd - 6, 3rd - 29

18th June

1st - 23, 2nd - 42, 3rd - 65

21st September

1st - 44, 2nd - 47, 3rd - 14

December (date tbc)

Christmas baubles and stars in blue

Buy Shares


  1. The subscription for each share is £15 per
  2.  Shares must be paid for in advance,
    preferably via online banking or by cash.
  3.  Shares may be purchased at any time, and will be eligible for inclusion into the
    next draw following the purchase, provided that the application form and payment have been received 10 days before the draw date.
  4.  A member of the club may purchase as
    many shares as they wish, subject to
  5. The draw will be held on 4 dates throughout the year. There will be one prize of £50 at each draw, plus a seasonal prize.
  6.  The date of the first draw will be advertised on posters in The Clockhouse and on our website.
  7.  Shares available to purchase are limited to
    100, after which a waiting list will be kept.
  8. Draws will take place subject to a minimum of 20 shares being sold. If less than 20 tickets are sold, shares will be entered into the next 4 draws instead (or refunded if preferred).
100 Club